At ASM Special Education Services we strive to develop long-term relationships with our partner schools, and are proud that districts continue to work with us year-after-year.  We ask for feedback from our clients on a regular basis to ensure we are serving our students and partner schools the best that we can. We consistently receive positive feedback, and  are excited to share some of our success stories with you!

“The school psychologists are always adhering to deadlines, communicative with staff, open to feedback, incredibly collaborative and write effective psych reports. They have also been flexible in how they administer assessments and have also been able to conduct bilingual assessments. I have enjoyed working with all of the psychologists for the 2019-2020 school year.”

Tyler Levine-Hall, Program Specialist

at Summit Public Schools

“The reports are reader friendly and meetings are always pleasant.” Staff provide 'excellent communication and friendly.' "

Erica Barnum, Resource Specialist
at Summit Public Schools

“Always on time with testing, reports, and IEP meetings…. Keep up the professional work.”

Barbara Tuma, RSP Teacher at Santa Clara Unified School District

With regard to the school psychology team: “One strength that was important to our school site was the dual language communication which benefited our students and students’ parents.”

Yessenia Mejia, Resource Specialist
at ACE Charter Schools

“Very friendly and flexible. Great with young children and in collaborating within a team assessment.”

Special Education Teacher for Preschool Assessment Team in Santa Clara, CA

“I am really impressed with the professionalism and the quick responses to our needs as a school.”

Ernie Batrez, Resource Specialist
at Summit Public Schools

“The specific strength I noticed the most out of the administrative team was the team itself. The group individuals that worked with our students were all kind hearted and patient individuals.” 

Yessenia Mejia, Resource Specialist
at ACE Charter Schools

“Adriana and Alexandra have had great communication skills… Alexandra is consistently accessible via email- asking clarifying questions and then leading (her team independently) from there... Assessment timelines are always met.”

Program Specialist at an Elementary School District in San Jose, CA

"They explained  and articulated everything to parents in a positive way. Everyone was very kind and easy to work with."

Carol Calomeni, SDC Teacher, Cambrian School District

“Thorough evaluations - lots of assessments included in the process. Excellent communication and follow through with NOM and reports. Excellent translation.” 

SAI Case Manager
at a 7,800 student school district
in Campbell, CA

“Very detailed, well-written report and professional presentation of it. Responded quickly to emails and phone calls. Accomodations were thorough.”

Carol Casey, Resource Specialist
at Gilroy Unified School District

“I thought Alex's coordination around scheduling and sharing out needs and just having a general pulse of what was happening in our school community was amazing. I was really impressed with how she tracked various assessments and kept people on track to getting it was honestly a relief to have that support. Going into this year, I was worried about having a contracted school psych agency just from a sense that it was someone outside who might necessarily be super hands on but this wasn't the case. Super helpful...I appreciate it...I was impressed at the time it took Adriana to conduct and complete an evaluation.”

Program Specialist at a Charter High School in San Francisco, CA

“Alex is great at scheduling appointments and her response time is excellent! Loved the quick turn around of the evals from the time AP was sent over to when the report was received. It was great!”

Special Education Department Lead at a Charter Middle School in San Jose, CA

“The counseling team has been responsive to various parent needs and communication preferences.”

Director of Special Education
for a Charter School with four campuses
in San Jose, CA

“Effective communication and quick email response times.”

Caroline Liu, ISE Specialist
at Rocketship Public Schools

“Very responsive, kind, organized, and professional. Keep up great the work.”

Education Specialist at a Charter High School in El Cerrito, CA

“Great team!... Very responsive to schools' and students' needs… Great collaborators with members of the IEP team… Thorough evaluations.”

Heidi Goger, Director of Special Education, Summit Public Schools

"Evaluations were completed in a timely and professional manner. Good teamwork!" 

Anja Jones, SDC Teacher,
Cambrian School District

 “All of the personnel were extremely professional and courteous. The school Psychologists were always on time, prepared and an active participant in IEP meetings.”

Principal at an Elementary School
in Gilroy, CA

 “Testing done quickly!  Easy to set date of IEP.”

Renee Shinkle, RSP Teacher
at Gilroy Unified School District

Great about communicating via meetings, email, or text! Also fairly flexible in rescheduling within a week's notice. Communication was great...always sending eval reports well in advance of meetings--a report that the previous year would usually be completed day before or day of for an in-school psychologist(s). Psychologists (especially Alexandra) were especially good at following the compliance calendar, and bringing up students in dept. meeting whose deadlines were approaching. I felt like psychologists were very responsive to feedback.”

Education Specialist
at a Charter High School
in San Francisco, CA

“The [occupational therapist] did a great job answering attorney for the family's questions in an IEP meeting and explaining the results in relation to several areas of functioning.”

Program Specialist at a 7,800 student school district in Campbell, CA

“Alexandra has been incredibly helpful, open to feedback, flexible and is an incredibly hard worker. She has been available during hours outside of a normal working day and has been incredibly receptive to feedback. It has been a pleasure working with her.”

Tyler Levine-Hall, Program Specialist
at Summit Public Schools

Regarding strengths of the school psychology team: “Ongoing communication and clarification when needed. Very easy and friendly to collaborate with… Communication was always a priority for the team and I felt supported every step."

Andrea Torres, Resource Specialist
at ACE Charter Schools

“...very flexible, always positive, supportive of both parents and teachers, able to adjust quickly when unexpected things come up.”

RSP Teacher at a Middle School
in Santa Clara, CA

"Regarding the Mental Health Clinicians, "Great rapport developed with diverse learners and parents. Great follow through and overall quality of recommendations and communication with families."

Andres Zamora, Program Specialist,
Summit Public Schools


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